Why is Outbrain the Right Platform for your business?


If your business is seeking innovation, then Outbrain is the right network for you. It is a Company Built On Innovation, Leadership & Success. Outbrain is a foundational component to media company’s tech stacks and empowers them to compete with the walled gardens on audience acquisition, engagement, and retention. Their world-class advertising platform helps emerging brands to connect with their consumers on the open web through engaging ad formats that inspire action.

If our assurance wasn’t enough, Native Advertising Institute had awarded Outbrain as Platform/Network of the Year at the 2021 Native Advertising Awards! That’s how good they are!

These are the three main techniques they use:

Native Awareness + Suite

  • Utilizes three extensive creative alternatives to allow advertisers to expand their existing social campaigns in brand-safe locations- Native Display, Native Social, and Native Video
  • The benefits of it include:-
  • average viewability of over 70%.
  • 5x longer in-view duration than social platforms
  • 5x greater click-through rate than display formats

Carousel Smartad

  • Advertisers are increasingly looking for the most efficient methods to duplicate in-store experiences online.
  • Pageviews each session are up to 97 percent more than on Social.
  • Page visits are up to 68 percent more than on Search.

App Install Smartad

  • Smartad allows advertisers to show off more of their software with interactive GIF features, promote their brand and app store rating, and provide a clear path to download for increased ROAS and long-term growth.
  • When compared to a regular native ad, conversion rates are up to 90% greater.
  • With a 50% reduction in CPA.

Now you know!

Reaching consumers has never been easier. With Outbrain you can exceed your goals even if you’re a big or small brand. It will make certain that your company’s demands are met. With world-class advertising, Outbrain makes the web an open space, which is what makes it the perfect platform for your business!




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