What makes Snapchat a good advertising platform for fashion brands?

What makes Snapchat a good advertising platform for fashion brands?

As a brand, you have an unparalleled opportunity to reach consumers through Snapchat, particularly those in the millennial and gen Z demographics. With this platform, fashion brands can share their unique and customized messages creatively and engagingly. The inherent personal quality of Snapchat can enable brands to form emotional connections with customers, ultimately creating a good customer experience. With 319 million active users Snapchat for business is an effective way for fashion brands to reach new audiences. In this blog, Tyroo provides reasons why you should choose Snapchat to build your fashion brand.

Let’s explore why your fashion brand should use Snapchat.

Right Audience

The millennial and Gen Z generations are certainly the most active Snapchat users. They are the fastest-growing consumer group to emerge as a significant base on Snapchat. 

  • The Millennial generation has a direct spending power of $1 trillion.
  • Snapchat caters to millennials in the age bracket of 18-34.
  • The average daily usage of the app is 30 minutes.
  • Snap users make 60% of their purchases impulsively.

In order to get started engaging with your target audience, it’s time to hop on over to Snapchat so you can start engaging with them.

Discover Page

On Snapchat, “social” content is separated from “media” content, which means that stories from friends are placed on one feed, while content from celebrities, influencers, and brands has moved to the Discover section. Fashion tech Brands can benefit because:

  • Snapchat ensures that the potential customers who match your target will find you on the Discover page. It is called behavioral personalization by Snapchat because it customizes feeds based on what users are consuming on Snapchat.  
  • Snapchat allows creators to monetize their content through stories. The ability to monetize content is what brands can expose their monetized content to far greater audiences by combining a more optimized discovery page with the ability to monetize content. 

Event Filters/Geofilters

Geofilters are a basic Snap overlay. They’re only available to users in a certain location and for a limited period. A filter might modify the color of a Snap or add an emoji or a created sticker, as well as contain geographical information. By using a geotag in a fashion-tech store, you are utilizing friend-to-friend communication while seamlessly integrating your brand into the customer’s story. This further exposes your brand to the customer’s audience.

  • Stories- If your brand uses geotags for exclusive events they attend, your story has a greater chance of being discovered by a new audience looking for content about that event.
  • Events- It’s even possible to create your own filter if you’re organizing an event for your brand! The perfect way to entertain fashion influencers and celebrities.
  • Stores- The use of your brand geotags in your physical shop is an excellent way to expose your brand to a broad audience.

AR lenses

Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) glasses alter how users view the world. Given that 75% of Snapchat users use augmented reality daily, building a sponsored lens that reflects your business may be a powerful method to utilize Snapchat for marketing. Snap’s ‘Try-On’ feature is a huge hit among Snapchatters. Branded AR experiences also increase purchase intent by 66%.


Hosting a Snapchat takeover is a great way to expose your fashion-tech brand to more people. Make sure you announce the takeover to the audience if a celebrity or well-known fashion influencer takes over your Snapchat. By doing so, you’ll likely attract an audience to your account.

Snaps in 3D

This feature gives your Snap that extra depth, bringing it to life. It might be a valuable tool for fashion businesses showcasing new items or allowing them to exhibit more aspects of a product than a typical photo allows.

Snapchat Ads

Leverage ad formats tailored to your business goals and objectives, such as driving awareness, sales, subscriptions, or downloads. The collection of ads includes Single Image or video ads, collection ads, story ads, AR lenses, commercials, and filters.


Will you rethink your fashion brands’ marketing strategy with Snapchat? Make the most and utilize the latest features on the platform to engage the younger generation and drive results.