Advertisements on digital platforms have been picking up speed, and marketers are taking note of a whole new sector of online gaming platforms by marketing to the gaming industry’s user base and acquiring their business. If gamers are properly targeted today, certain verticals within the industry may gain an advantage. In this blog, Tyroo provides you with reasons why you should choose gaming platforms for building your brand, as many marketers are reluctant to use gaming for advertising.


  • According to the EY report, the number of online gamers in India is expected to grow from 360 million in 2020 to 510 million in 2022. Of these, 85%  are expected to be mobile gamers.
  • In the coming years, India is predicted to become one of the world’s largest gaming markets, thanks to its large youth population, and it is currently the fifth-largest in the world.
  • The average gamer is thought to be youthful, with limited decision-making and purchasing capacity, however, it is just as popular among people aged 45 to 54.
  • Mobile gaming has experienced a spike in participants. In India, women make up 43% of the mobile gaming audience, with 12% being between the ages of 25 and 44 and 28% being over 45.
  • Gamers have a wide range of interests both online and offline, and they utilize many apps such as social networking, music, sports, and entertainment. Probably, the people you’re trying to reach are also gamers.


  • 60% of gamers recall an ad when playing mobile games.
  • The main reason gamers recall an advertisement and are aware of brands is because the advertisement promotes a brand, a product, or a topic of interest in the game, or it benefits them in the game, or it is an interactive or engaging advertisement.
  • When it comes to game progression, 74% of Indian gamers would rather watch adverts than make in-app payments.
  • Indians interact with video ads in gaming applications 2.6x times more than they do with video ads in other apps.
  • Customers are completely engaged in games and give them their entire attention, which implies that your brand adverts will receive the same level of attention.


  • It’s a great method to get away from a transactional consumer connection. This strategy is proven to be one of the most successful methods for increasing client interaction without relying on promotions.
  • A game’s unique engagement experience frequently leads to increased brand affinity and, as a result, the possibility for higher customer lifetime value.
  • Inherently, games have a high level of loyalty and often create communities. As a result, the effects of implementing IGA can be passed on to your brands and you can develop a highly loyal audience.


  • In-game advertising involves static and dynamic ads. The Dynamic ad format across the game can be updated in real-time.
  • Dynamic advertisements are essentially display advertising adverts within the game that can be scaled, geo-targeted, demographically targeted and exchanged in the programmatic ecosystem.
  • This ad style is essentially programmatic, and it can provide a tremendous market for audience-based advertising.


So, to sum up

The use of gaming platforms in advertising is an excellent method and tactic. This form of advertisement is more affordable and gives a higher return on investment than other means of advertisement, which is the key factor driving its adoption. Many companies prefer this method to traditional methods of advertising because they get a wider application, more customer engagement, as well as numerous other advantages.