Digital formats are becoming increasingly popular for media consumption throughout the world. Consumers now have the ability to access media material of their choice, whether it’s information, entertainment, or social activity, as per their convenience. Tyroo was out to design solutions that would help our customers and publishers reach their business goals more effectively with the help of a team of professionals and innovators. Extending your marketing reach over numerous methods and platforms has a significant payoff potential and Tyroo helps you in tapping that potential.

Use the momentum in your favor

When you’ve completed a proof of concept for your product and are ready to put it out there, you’ll need to decide which platform is best for your target market.  Applying what you’ve learned across platforms and using a mix of approaches that adjust as you learn will help you find and grow your audience.

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established corporation, expanding your audience is critical for your business success. To extend your audience, try some of these novel ideas to grow your audience with us.

Scale Your Business And Improve Your Audience Reach With Our Partner platforms


Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that allows users to communicate with their 

friends and the rest of the world. It’s a great place for businesses to start their e-commerce operations because advertisers can reach a worldwide audience and generate tangible results with Snapchat Ads. Brands across industries  including  fashion brands, food & beverage, retail, social network, online dating, etc have leveraged Snapchat advertising

  • Reach out to a receptive audience
  • On a daily basis, 319 million individuals use Snapchat. It has a 75% millennial and Gen Z audience.
  • Create a Strong Impression Immediately
  • Snapchat Commercials are full-screen, immersive, and action-oriented ads with AR Experiences using a single image or video ads, story ads, collection ads, commercials, filters, and lenses.
  • Get those results
  • Snapchat Ads are targeted to your advertising objectives and company goals, and it offers full-funnel solutions for all types and sizes of businesses.
  • At the ad set level, Snapchat offers five distinct ways to increase campaign performance and maximize ad expenditure. Through Snapchat’s popular, efficient, and effective geofilters and ad campaigns, marketers can reach the right audiences


We are the official resellers for Outbrain The Open Web’s Leading Recommendation Platform and Platform/Network of the Year at the 2021 Native Advertising Awards. As a foundational component to media companies’ tech stacks, Outbrain allows them to compete on audience acquisition, engagement, and retention with walled gardens. Through engaging ad formats that inspire action, it enables emerging brands to connect with consumers on the open web. 

  • Target relevant people– Outbrain helps in targeting audiences who are looking for content similar to yours which is an advantage of native advertising that should be considered. People may scroll by your Facebook ad without giving it a second thought, but if they’re actively reading stuff on a big news site, they’re more likely to read the content you’re pushing as well.
  • There are more platforms available, which means there are more opportunities to interact– It’s always advantageous to be able to reach your audience in more places online, and these are reputable, high-authority sites where you may do so. This is beneficial to you since it might assist establish customer trust right away and Outbrain helps you target that customer trust.
  • Responsive to the device– Regular advertising strategies are frequently cropped or deleted from mobile devices to create a better experience for mobile consumers, however, regular content will remain on your target audience’s radar regardless of device.


Gamezop is a multi-game platform that allows players to play games with only a single swipe without having to download any applications. The Gamezop App’s content draws a high-quality audience that is engaged and returns frequently. User engagement is maintained via frequent content changes on portals. Advertising on Gamezop is a wonderful alternative if you want to reach out to your audience online.

  • According to a recent KPMG research, the online gaming business was worth Rs 13,600 crore in FY21, and it is predicted to more than quadruple in size over the following four years, reaching a total market size of Rs 29,000 crore by FY25.
  • The multi-game platform of Gamezop has over 40 million monthly active users (MAUs) from all over the world, who are monetized with 250 million ad impressions each month.
  • Traditionally, the average gamer is thought to be youthful and impulsive, with limited decision-making and purchasing power. However, with the Pandemic, people of all ages play games regularly, including women.
  • In India, 77% of women and 82% of men are avid gamers.
  •  Gamezop Digital Advertisements is a paid communication tool or message used in a marketing and advertising campaign to raise awareness, interest, and prospective customer desire for items and services.


Now you decide how you want to reach your audience 

With all of the key points mentioned above, one can easily determine the expertise and capability of Tyroo in providing tailored services and its ability to improve audience discovery. Many brands like, Grab, Lazada group, OYO, Swiggy,, Netflix, Mondelez International, and noon have partnered with Tyroo and we are using a combination of methods to fulfill their business needs and goals.