Fintech brands: How to reach the right audiences?

Across the globe, fintech brands are disrupting the financial services industry. Traditional financial institutions have become rigid and clunky due to new players offering easy, modern solutions for businesses and consumers, forcing them to digitize their services to stay competitive. In this blog, we will discuss how fintech brands can reach the right audiences with native advertising and stay at the top of their customers’ minds.

What are native ads?

Native ads integrate seamlessly with your feed, homepage, search results, and many other areas. You can often find native ads in social media feeds or on websites as recommended content. Native ads aren’t like display ads or banner ads at all. Instead, they blend into a website’s editorial flow. 

Why should Fintech brands use native advertising?

Yoav Tourel Outbrain’s Head of sales describes native ads as “that moment when a brand meets their audience” – displaying your content where your intended audience already is. Consumer attention and interaction with native advertising are up to 60% higher than those generated by traditional display advertising. Especially when contextually appropriate, native advertisements boost brand exposure, improve brand image, and promote user reaction. It has been shown that compelling content closely aligns and integrates with a specific platform’s organic user experience attracts 25% more attention than banner ads. Reports show that visitors pay nearly as much attention to native ads (26%) as to original content (24%).

Native advertising can change the game for fintech brands

  1. Optimized Campaign: Like any campaign, it’s important to be clear on your goals from day one of planning. Even the best content doesn’t perform as well as it could without optimization and targeting. With Outbrain, you can create creative optimization at every level, which will keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. The native ads integrate seamlessly with your feed, homepage, search results, and many other areas. The content looks identical to your standard content, except for the “sponsored” or “promoted” tag.
  1. Engagement and building trust: Unlike searchers or social media users, native advertisers are looking to discover something new. Financial brands must engage their consumers with fresh thoughts, appropriate language, and strong visuals, while at the same time balancing industry regulations and maintaining consumer trust. Customer engagement campaigns don’t have to be complicated to be effective for financial marketing. Native advertising is one of the original customer engagement campaigns which uses methods to successfully entice and engage users through its message, structure, and targeting.
  1. Transparency: Brand safety and trust are intrinsically linked in financial marketing. As much as 75% of consumers hold brands accountable for the quality of content appearing next to their ads, so reaching audiences across finance and business topics when they are reading about those topics will increase engagement for a category like finance and native ads are the best options to increase credibility and transparency.
  1. Quality: The use of native advertising networks will drive traffic to relevant content on your owned channels from authoritative publishers for financial brands. Distribution of content goes hand-in-hand with the audience. Once you know exactly who you want to reach and have set specific goals for your program, you will know where and how to distribute. With thousands of prestigious publishers, Outbrain allows you to reach thousands of audiences.
  1. Data management platform: To maintain an ongoing dialogue with current and potential customers, financial institutions should also use third-party research and data sets to supplement their DMP and site analytics. Outbrain’s DMP partnerships enable marketers to reach consumers at different customer journeys, from awareness to action, with the right content.

Now you know,

Fintech brands should leverage native advertising to reach out to their target audiences, as it is non-disruptive, and exposes readers to advertising content without appearing intrusive. Advertise with Outbrain and get your brand on top of your customers’ minds.