Pinterest and Tyroo Partner to enable advertisers to reach global audiences on Pinterest

Pinterest and Tyroo Partner

Tyroo, a leading ad tech company based in Asia, and Pinterest, the visual inspiration platform, announce a global partnership to enable advertisers to reach audiences on Pinterest. Starting in July, Tyroo will offer advertisers in countries that Pinterest is not currently serving ads with the opportunity to place ads on the platform in countries around the world that Pinterest does serve ads.

Through this partnership, brands based in Asia can seamlessly advertise to Pinterest users in North America, EMEA, LatAm and APAC. The partnership will benefit brands and agencies by enabling them to receive dedicated account management, verticalised best practices and education, and finance management as well as streamlined processes facilitated by the Tyroo platform.

More than 460 million people come to Pinterest each month to discover products and services for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next holiday and much more. Advertisers want to be discovered during these planning moments and there is a natural alignment with users who are actually seeking brands to inspire their next purchase. On Pinterest, advertisers can reach the consumers they care about and drive them from discovery to decision to do – all in a more positive place online.

“Pinterest uniquely connects advertisers with consumers across the funnel who come to the platform with intent and when they’re most open to discovering brands. We’re excited to partner with Tyroo to empower advertisers in countries where we’re not serving ads to reach the highly engaged audience on Pinterest in countries where we do. We will ultimately have the opportunity to deliver more compelling brand content for our users to take action on,” said Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer, Pinterest

Siddharth Puri, CEO, Tyroo Technologies, highlighted the commerce-based advertising capabilities of Tyroo, adding, “With Tyroo’s specialised arm for commerce-based advertising, our partnership with Pinterest will benefit leading brands,across a range of consumer categories, and agencies. Pinterest is a unique platform where the audience comes with high commercial intent – ads on Pinterest are not only useful, they’re additive to the user’s experience. Through this partnership, we will continue to strengthen our mission to enable brands and agencies in APAC to become successful and scale through world class advertising solutions, technology innovations and other value added support. We’re looking forward to helping our existing and potential network of brands and agencies build and scale their reach on Pinterest.”

About Tyroo

Tyroo is a leading APAC based ad tech platform powering brand growth across Asia Pacific. They help brands scale business by building depth across advertising channels, formats, audience and data with our no-code, low-code solutions. Tyroo’s data-driven and partner-focused solutions have helped organisations drive impact across regions. They have empowered brands to enter and scale in emerging markets. Headquartered in Singapore, Tyroo has regional offices throughout the Asia Pacific region.

About Pinterest

Pinterest is the visual inspiration platform people around the world use to shop products personalized to their taste, find ideas to do offline and discover the most inspiring creators. People have saved more than 390 billion Pins across a range of interests from building a home office to cooking a new recipe and planning a vacation. Headquartered in San Francisco, Pinterest launched in 2010 and has more than 460 million monthly active users worldwide. Available on iOS and Android, and at

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