LG Ad Solutions and Tyroo sign exclusive agreement to market CTV advertising solutions in SEA

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The CTV solutions are available on more than four million LG Smart TVs.

LG Ad Solutions and Tyroo have joined hands to offer Connected TV (CTV) advertising solutions in Singapore and other markets in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The partnership establishes exclusive reseller agreements for CTV native ad formats in the abovementioned markets.

“One unique aspect of this partnership is the ability to provide these ad units on both a Managed and Programmatic basis. This flexibility meets the needs of advertisers in the region who want to benefit from CTV advertising both through dedicated support from experienced advertising professionals, and programmatically using advanced algorithms to optimise campaigns automatically,” LG Ad Solutions said.

“We are committed to making CTV a mainstay for brands and this partnership will further bolster our platform’s dominance in the CTV advertising space. LG Ad Solutions premium inventory across millions of LG smart TVs with unparalleled targeting, precision measurement capabilities, and personalised ad experience for viewers, will be an undoubted game-changer for our clients,” Tyroo CEO Siddharth Puri said.

“The ability to offer these ad units on both a managed service and programmatic basis is also a huge advantage for our clients, and combined with our on-ground expertise, brands will succeed in capturing unique audiences and drive impactful message,” Puri added.

The CTV solutions are available in more than four million LG Smart TVs in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

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