Why growth marketing matters and why do brands need it?

As a strategy for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones, growth marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Business owners who are willing to take chances, experiment, and improve their marketing efforts will benefit most from this marketing strategy. In this blog post, Tyroo will discuss what growth marketing is, why it’s important, and why to include this marketing method into your plan for the coming year.

Growth Marketing: What is it?

Growth marketing is a mindset. Its data, audience, and storytelling are all combined. A/B testing, value-added blog articles, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, innovative ad text, and technical analysis of every part of a user’s experience are just a few of the layers that are added to the conventional marketing paradigm. Such practices can be used to create strong, long-term growth campaigns by brands. 

Growth Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Growth marketing includes more than just the top of the funnel. When done right, it adds value at every level of the marketing funnel by drawing clients in, holding their attention, and ultimately turning them into brand evangelists. It employs a thorough marketing plan.

Learn how growth marketing helps your brands in marketing campaign

AAARRR’s approach as stated by Mari Luukkainen has some great insights into growth marketing.

1.Awareness: First step to growth marketing, which focuses on raising brand awareness amongst customers by using SEO and social media marketing. Elements that influence brand awareness further include the website and logo. Determine the frequency and timing of articles that would effectively bring visitors to the blogs also play an important part and in determining what material receives the most engagement, A/B testing can be done. All of this can be a game-changer for brands and must be taken into consideration.

2. Activation: Brands need to encourage their prospects to think about acquiring and using their products or services for growth marketing. Once the clients are on board, they should engage and convince them to use services. Chatbots are considered useful in giving customers useful details about goods and services and solving their queries.

3. Acquisition: Acquisition provides the possibility of diverse ad texts and CTAs for brands. To boost the number of form submissions on a website or for some campaign testing messaging, page orientation, and/or button orientation are strategies that can be used. This provides marketers with insight into which approach may be employed to attract new consumers and what fresh tactics can be used to keep the current clientele. 

4. Retention: This approach has evolved into an unavoidable prerequisite for businesses that want to grow. Surveys are a crucial component of growth marketing. It aids in learning about the target market’s preferences, dislikes, and reasons for leaving. Loyalty programs can prove to be a great bet for bringing in new clients for your company. By encouraging them to spend more and buy more, these strategies will help your brand to optimize the lifetime value of a client.

5. Revenue: KPIs can be addressed by growth marketing by experimenting with price plans. Experimentation can also be done with upselling strategies by reminding current clients to renew their subscriptions and by offering alluring discounts.

6. Referral: Power of recommendation works like magic which can draw in new clients. This strategy encourages current consumers to serve as brand ambassadors by introducing brands’ goods or services to new prospective clients. The famous brand ambassadors who assist in attracting new clients are delighted customers and business is greatly impacted by it.

Is growth marketing necessary for brands?

Marketing for growth: its importance 

So, now that you know all about growth marketing let’s take a look at how this strategy helps your brand.

Cost-Efficient: Brands can undoubtedly make significant financial savings by having and utilizing the most cutting-edge and recent marketing plan. They don’t actually need to invest a specific sum of money after the method is scaled up after knowing what is effective for your brand. Instead, the money is restricted, making it a cost- and ROI-driven strategy.

Super-Fast Method: Time is money, and it appears in the growth marketing strategy. This strategy simply improves when compared to the conventional approach, enabling you to save a tonne of time and encouraging you to concentrate on the areas that need it.

Data-Driven Method: Simply put, a growth marketing plan says goodbye to relying solely on intuition. Adopt this marketing technique, tracking the campaign’s progress or direction by measuring all marketing initiatives.

An Automated Method: Just picture some automated technologies taking the place of your manual tasks, generating greater outcomes with a smaller team. It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? The majority of laborious manual operations are automated when you use a growth marketing plan, which reduces your workload and gives you more time to focus on other important areas.

Ultimately, this strategy allows you to refine your customer and lead interactions multiple times, leading to a strategy that helps grow your brand.

Now that you know, 

Certainly, growth marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies which can help your brand to grow and Tyroo can assist you with all your growth marketing needs. In terms of full-funnel marketing, Tyroo offers platforms and solutions that are helpful to your brand. As a growth acceleration ecosystem, it can never fail to deliver results for your brand.


Full Funnel Marketing: Why every business needs one

A full-funnel marketing approach can sound challenging. To assist one’s business expansion and growth, one should think about a strategy that can help achieve your business goals, by communicating to the end-user to serve a purpose for them. A marketing plan that covers the entire journey of the consumer, through each stage of the funnel, from awareness to retention, is a full-funnel marketing plan. It entails using ad campaigns in a way that appeals to people at different phases of their consumer journey. It is relevant as consumers progress down the sales funnel, and followers could turn into customers. What you need to know about the full marketing funnel and why businesses need one, will be covered in this blog by Tyroo.

What is a Full Funnel Marketing Strategy?

Customizing your marketing campaigns to talk to consumers at a specific stage of the purchase process. Instead of concentrating solely on sales, it takes the entire customer journey into account and makes an effort to foster relationships and create better brand experiences. Compared to marketing campaigns across a single purchase stage, full-funnel tactics saw up to 45% higher ROI and 7% gains in offline sales, according to a recent Nielsen meta-analysis of CPG ads.

Why should your brand use full-funnel marketing? 

With a full-funnel strategy, your brand is linked across channels and touchpoints, so more customers are drawn to your brand when the time comes to purchase. Considering the entire journey, you can create a holistic marketing strategy that combines brand building and performance marketing.

1.Increased website visitors: Full funnel marketing is a fantastic technique to increase website visitor involvement. Whether you want to generate leads, boost site traffic, or make sales online. 

Since people who stay on a website are more likely to buy or are going to buy more, brands can enhance their website’s conversion rate by adopting the funnel method. A solid call to action is necessary to draw in these new visitors and to lead them through the many phases of the purchasing process by creating relationships, offering solutions, and ensuring their retention in your funnel.

2. Measurability: Full-funnel marketing should be used by brands for another important reason: it can be made measurable. A measurable full-funnel tactic will allow you to track your consumers’ journey and even help to improve the journey by identifying drop points or higher engagement content, Brands might improvise techniques or create fresh tactics as clients transition from one stage to another. For a successful conversion, more pertinent and instructive detail must be used to raise awareness.

3. Omni channel presence: Consumers consume content differently on each platform. Media Platforms serve different purposes for consumers, which translates to unique consumer behavior on each platform.  Building a brand with a variety of platforms and ad types helps a  brand to improve the overall consumer experience. Increased visibility and increased sales will result from a consistent brand across all platforms. Every aspect of your marketing strategy is made visible by an efficient marketing funnel. 

An omnichannel retail strategy enhances the shopping experience for customers and offers more channels for online, in-store, or mobile purchases. Multiple channels for acquiring products and services improve traffic and sales. Omnichannel clients spend between 15% and 30% more than single- or multi-channel customers.

4. Content: Furthermore, content is extremely important, so it’s crucial to approach each step with appropriate content, and with a full-funnel strategy, your content can be reused in the right manner for lead generation.

Due to this, a funnel allows your brand to predict its sales since it illustrates how many customers move forward.

Key Benefits of Full Funnel Marketing

Applying the right strategy at the right time can result in significant benefits. Full-funnel marketing has the following benefits:

  • Sales increased through personalized lead nurturing
  • Give insight into leads, making it easier to close them
  • The process can be automated
  • Create brand awareness and trust among your prospects
  • Design a marketing strategy that targets users at different stages.

What is Tyroo?

Now that you are aware of the need for a full-funnel marketing strategy for your brand, you should know that Tyroo is a platform that offers full-funnel advertising solutions to help businesses reach out to potential clients and generate leads. At Tyroo, we are assisting brands in finding solutions for the challenges of expansion in a society where privacy regulations and standards are setting the pace. 


Fintech brands: How to reach the right audiences?

Across the globe, fintech brands are disrupting the financial services industry. Traditional financial institutions have become rigid and clunky due to new players offering easy, modern solutions for businesses and consumers, forcing them to digitize their services to stay competitive. In this blog, we will discuss how fintech brands can reach the right audiences with native advertising and stay at the top of their customers’ minds.

What are native ads?

Native ads integrate seamlessly with your feed, homepage, search results, and many other areas. You can often find native ads in social media feeds or on websites as recommended content. Native ads aren’t like display ads or banner ads at all. Instead, they blend into a website’s editorial flow. 

Why should Fintech brands use native advertising?

Yoav Tourel Outbrain’s Head of sales describes native ads as “that moment when a brand meets their audience” – displaying your content where your intended audience already is. Consumer attention and interaction with native advertising are up to 60% higher than those generated by traditional display advertising. Especially when contextually appropriate, native advertisements boost brand exposure, improve brand image, and promote user reaction. It has been shown that compelling content closely aligns and integrates with a specific platform’s organic user experience attracts 25% more attention than banner ads. Reports show that visitors pay nearly as much attention to native ads (26%) as to original content (24%).

Native advertising can change the game for fintech brands

  1. Optimized Campaign: Like any campaign, it’s important to be clear on your goals from day one of planning. Even the best content doesn’t perform as well as it could without optimization and targeting. With Outbrain, you can create creative optimization at every level, which will keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. The native ads integrate seamlessly with your feed, homepage, search results, and many other areas. The content looks identical to your standard content, except for the “sponsored” or “promoted” tag.
  1. Engagement and building trust: Unlike searchers or social media users, native advertisers are looking to discover something new. Financial brands must engage their consumers with fresh thoughts, appropriate language, and strong visuals, while at the same time balancing industry regulations and maintaining consumer trust. Customer engagement campaigns don’t have to be complicated to be effective for financial marketing. Native advertising is one of the original customer engagement campaigns which uses methods to successfully entice and engage users through its message, structure, and targeting.
  1. Transparency: Brand safety and trust are intrinsically linked in financial marketing. As much as 75% of consumers hold brands accountable for the quality of content appearing next to their ads, so reaching audiences across finance and business topics when they are reading about those topics will increase engagement for a category like finance and native ads are the best options to increase credibility and transparency.
  1. Quality: The use of native advertising networks will drive traffic to relevant content on your owned channels from authoritative publishers for financial brands. Distribution of content goes hand-in-hand with the audience. Once you know exactly who you want to reach and have set specific goals for your program, you will know where and how to distribute. With thousands of prestigious publishers, Outbrain allows you to reach thousands of audiences.
  1. Data management platform: To maintain an ongoing dialogue with current and potential customers, financial institutions should also use third-party research and data sets to supplement their DMP and site analytics. Outbrain’s DMP partnerships enable marketers to reach consumers at different customer journeys, from awareness to action, with the right content.

Now you know,

Fintech brands should leverage native advertising to reach out to their target audiences, as it is non-disruptive, and exposes readers to advertising content without appearing intrusive. Advertise with Outbrain and get your brand on top of your customers’ minds.



What makes Snapchat a good advertising platform for fashion brands?

As a brand, you have an unparalleled opportunity to reach consumers through Snapchat, particularly those in the millennial and gen Z demographics. With this platform, fashion brands can share their unique and customized messages creatively and engagingly. The inherent personal quality of Snapchat can enable brands to form emotional connections with customers, ultimately creating a good customer experience. With 319 million active users Snapchat for business is an effective way for fashion brands to reach new audiences. In this blog, Tyroo provides reasons why you should choose Snapchat to build your fashion brand.

Let’s explore why your fashion brand should use Snapchat.

Right Audience

The millennial and Gen Z generations are certainly the most active Snapchat users. They are the fastest-growing consumer group to emerge as a significant base on Snapchat. 

  • The Millennial generation has a direct spending power of $1 trillion.
  • Snapchat caters to millennials in the age bracket of 18-34.
  • The average daily usage of the app is 30 minutes.
  • Snap users make 60% of their purchases impulsively.

In order to get started engaging with your target audience, it’s time to hop on over to Snapchat so you can start engaging with them.

Discover Page

On Snapchat, “social” content is separated from “media” content, which means that stories from friends are placed on one feed, while content from celebrities, influencers, and brands has moved to the Discover section. Fashion tech Brands can benefit because:

  • Snapchat ensures that the potential customers who match your target will find you on the Discover page. It is called behavioral personalization by Snapchat because it customizes feeds based on what users are consuming on Snapchat.  
  • Snapchat allows creators to monetize their content through stories. The ability to monetize content is what brands can expose their monetized content to far greater audiences by combining a more optimized discovery page with the ability to monetize content. 

Event Filters/Geofilters

Geofilters are a basic Snap overlay. They’re only available to users in a certain location and for a limited period. A filter might modify the color of a Snap or add an emoji or a created sticker, as well as contain geographical information. By using a geotag in a fashion-tech store, you are utilizing friend-to-friend communication while seamlessly integrating your brand into the customer’s story. This further exposes your brand to the customer’s audience.

  • Stories- If your brand uses geotags for exclusive events they attend, your story has a greater chance of being discovered by a new audience looking for content about that event.
  • Events- It’s even possible to create your own filter if you’re organizing an event for your brand! The perfect way to entertain fashion influencers and celebrities.
  • Stores- The use of your brand geotags in your physical shop is an excellent way to expose your brand to a broad audience.

AR lenses

Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) glasses alter how users view the world. Given that 75% of Snapchat users use augmented reality daily, building a sponsored lens that reflects your business may be a powerful method to utilize Snapchat for marketing. Snap’s ‘Try-On’ feature is a huge hit among Snapchatters. Branded AR experiences also increase purchase intent by 66%.


Hosting a Snapchat takeover is a great way to expose your fashion-tech brand to more people. Make sure you announce the takeover to the audience if a celebrity or well-known fashion influencer takes over your Snapchat. By doing so, you’ll likely attract an audience to your account.

Snaps in 3D

This feature gives your Snap that extra depth, bringing it to life. It might be a valuable tool for fashion businesses showcasing new items or allowing them to exhibit more aspects of a product than a typical photo allows.

Snapchat Ads

Leverage ad formats tailored to your business goals and objectives, such as driving awareness, sales, subscriptions, or downloads. The collection of ads includes Single Image or video ads, collection ads, story ads, AR lenses, commercials, and filters.


Will you rethink your fashion brands’ marketing strategy with Snapchat? Make the most and utilize the latest features on the platform to engage the younger generation and drive results.


7 reasons why brands should focus on ABM’s gaming inventory

With great excitement, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Activision Blizzard X Tyroo Comet and the opportunities it creates for brands. In the last couple of years, digital advertising has gained momentum, and Marketers have become more aware of the opportunity to market to the gaming industry’s user base and acquire their business. Today, certain verticals within the industry can gain an advantage if gamers are properly marketed. 

Siddharth Puri, Founder & CEO of Tyroo, talks about his investment thesis for this partnership and why he thinks now is the right time for advertising in the gaming ecosystem.

1. Activision Blizzard is one of the largest game publishers in the world with some of the highest-grossing games on the App Store and Playstore with more than 100 Million+ Users spread across emerging markets in APAC (India/ Thailand/ Vietnam/ Philippines/ Bangladesh/ Malaysia/ Indonesia ) and with a strong content IP across casual gaming and mid-core gaming portfolios providing a brand-safe environment.

2. Shift in privacy landscape is leading to an increase in competition with a strong need for brands to look outside of Google/Facebook to reach audiences, especially in the 25+ age group as internet platforms are giving more access to younger audiences.

3. As gaming ecosystems see high time spent and ARPU shifting in markets like India, suddenly there is a value of attracting 150 Million E-Commerce friendly audiences.

4. Several brands have invested in building programmatic infrastructure to do a lot more data-driven advertising, which is necessary to go after cohorts of audiences that provide relevance and incrementality, and visually engaging experiences.

5. Activision Blizzard was one of those partners who, over the last few years, has aggressively ramped up their offering to present marketers with solutions to these challenges through programmatic supply chain methods.

6. Brands can reach hard-to-reach audiences through a robust female cohort of audiences who are household decision-makers and have established consumer value exchange experiences beyond OTT usage.

7. Gaming presents a 5 Billion USD Advertising opportunity by 2025 across Emerging Markets in APAC.

8. The pandemic has accelerated the organic growth of digital games as mobile app downloads grew by 50% and user engagement went up by 20%, according to the IAMAI Report.

Tyroo Comet will continue to provide brands with access to audiences and technology infrastructure which enables us to scale ARPU as we grow Tyroo Comet into a large growth marketing platform.


Why Brands Should Advertise To Gaming Audiences

Article cover image

As a Gaming business, we deliberate quite a lot as to who is our customer and why should they buy Game marketing solutions. Broadly, there are 2 brand segments: Endemic and Non-Endemic.

Endemic brands are brands that position a natural space within a market. For example, a car brand participating in a racing event. Endemic brands in Gaming offer products like computer components, gaming peripherals, and games other than the one being viewed. And while there might be a big audience for products like these, it would be a mistake to think that only endemic brands can succeed when advertising in the online gaming and esports ecosystem.

 There’s no single type of gamer. Gamers are everyone. With a massive and growing 3 Billion people who game, 3 out of 5 internet users globally are gamers. Gamers have varied user attributes depending upon the type of gaming content they play or consume. Gaming as a form of media & entertainment appeals to all gender and age, irrespective. Gaming audience should matter to any brand and if that fulfills the media objective. 

Attention metrics are increasingly moving from OTT to gaming and game streaming content. Just to put some number perspective, a massively popular mid-core FPS game title in India is played by 10s and Millions of Daily active players for an average of 120 mins/day. That’s an insane amount of gaming content. 

A brand may or may not have an overarching Gaming Strategy (or may think, they have to convert to an Endemic brand) in order to be successful. 

Moreover, there is a larger, growing culture emerging out of the game viewing audience(esports and game streaming) – one that leaves room for non-endemic brands to succeed in big ways. To break through to this growing community, here are some ways a non-endemic brand can succeed with the gaming and game-streaming audience.

No alt text provided for this image

Audience strategy: Just like a brand buys media from a content publisher, put your audience at the focal point. 

Buy on media inventory quality, premium audience targeting and brand metrics your preferred publisher can deliver, as per your media objective. Or consider buying gaming audiences that are consuming highly engaging gaming content for minutes and hours during the day in a live streaming environment.

a.  Choose your publisher partner righteously – Premium in-gaming solutions come at a premium, however, such solutions deliver high brand ROI. Premium gaming solutions are 100% brand-safe and deliver performance at the highest industry measurement standards.

b.  AAA game publisher partners do have scale today and can offer Direct integrations, as well as Programmatic buying. Isn’t that what a brand would want – flexibility to buy audience/media at scale, through the trusted channel they prefer.

Build Community: Millions of people around the world consider gaming a lifestyle, and from this, a tight-knit and thriving community has emerged. As with most communities, all sorts of cultures and subcultures have grown organically from gaming, so it’s important to view the gaming lifestyle as less about entertainment and more with a human-centric lens. And the beauty is that the scale of these communities has gotten to a point where they are not niched and represent every slice of society!

For example, you might not know that the younger gamer demographics are far less interested in junk food and are instead embracing better for you brands.

or there’s a large proportion of Mom gamers that you could find on some of the premium AAA game publishers like Candy Crush etc.

Integrate with the gaming sphere: Tech-savvy gamers now regularly use tools like ad-blockers and VPNs to shut down ads that historically delivered great exposure. Although a cause for concern for many brands out there, it represents a valuable opportunity to change things up. In the case of the game viewing audience, studying the unique way advertising applies in gaming culture can offer unique advertising solutions for non-endemic brands.

Take the time to consider what this new audience thinks, feels, and enjoys while gaming, and reconsider how your own brand could relate to them in an esports or casual streaming context. And remember that competition and casual are very different mediums for gamers – approach as its own unique beast to get a sense of what appeals to different audience segments.

Explore parallels to draw from: There’s so much more to the gaming world than the games themselves. Cryptocurrency, fashion, and healthy living are fantastic examples of interests that strike a chord in gaming culture, so finding parallels between gaming and your brand is likely easier than you realize.

The first step to finding connections is listening to the audience you want to connect with. Take a personal approach when learning about gaming culture. 

Gamers love brands and ads that add value to their overall gaming experience. 

Remember to get your brand placed in the right publisher property; follow your trusted audience buying channel, and most importantly work with a trusted knowledge partner.



Upcoming Games To Add To Your Gaming List

We recently created our Gaming division @comet and that seems to have spurned a new interest in game playing for a lot of us at work. We thought of creating a list of games that the uninitiated and the pros should have on their ‘must-play’ list.  The new games set for launch in 2022 cover a wide range of genres. Several games will be released this year on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Switch, so there are a lot of choices. We decided to put down a list of the most interesting, upcoming games that you can add to your gaming list and keep an eye on.

Evil Dead: The Game

The Evil Dead is a survival horror video game published by Boss Team Game for all the horror games fanatics out there. It will include multiplayer gaming as well as player versus player (PvP) combat, however, the long-awaited and much-anticipated single-player version will still need internet access. Additionally, the game includes several maps, including the Evil Dead series’ home in the woods, and over 25 weapons, including Ash’s chainsaw and boomstick. 

The Game will be available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and is releasing on May 13, 2022.

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is a Business simulation game wherein one must construct and manage a university campus. The player is responsible for constructing numerous educational spaces such as classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries, as well as arranging various cultural events and extracurricular activities. It should help you hone a lot of life skills including hiring staff, maintaining the campus’s operations, and looking after the students’ well-being. There really couldn’t be a better way to simulate life. So, if you are a budding entrepreneur, play and learn the art of business.

The game will be published on Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on August 9, 2022.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario Strikers a sports video game returns with a fresh perspective on football/soccer. It’s a five-on-five sport in which players attempt to score goals by dribbling and passing to teammates while also utilizing tackles, objects, and special shots. You’ll be able to outfit your squad with gear to help them improve their stats, as well as play multiplayer locally and online.

It will be released globally on the Nintendo Switch on June 10, 2022.

Saints Row

The forthcoming action-adventure video game Saints Row is part of the sandbox genre and is a relaunch of the Saints Row franchise. The players will be able to exploit empty properties in guarded areas to start illicit enterprises with valid fronts to help finance and benefit the gang, which is a new feature in this game. The driving experience has been enhanced to encourage the usage of automobiles as weapons in addition to guns. The game will have a sophisticated character builder for the player-character, which will include gender choices. Drop-in cooperative multiplayer with a second player will be available, with each person having their own Boss character and progressing through the game.

The game will be published on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on August 23, 2022.


In the new action role-playing video game Forspoken, Luminous Productions partners with Square Enix. Forspoken tells the narrative of Frey, a young lady from New York who finds herself on the inhospitable planet of Athia. It features magic, parkour, and a variety of otherworldly animals, as well as content from some of the best authors today, including Gary Whitta, Alison Rhymer, Todd Stashwich, and Amy Hennig.

The game will be available on PS5, and PC and is releasing on October 11, 2022.

Gotham Knights

WB Games Montréal is developing and publishing Gotham Knights, an upcoming action role-playing video game. Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood are charged with restoring justice to Gotham City amid a time of decline following Batman’s death, and the game is based on the DC Comics character Batman and his supporting cast. The heroes clash with the Court of Owls, a secret society as old as Gotham, and their legion of brainwashed assassins known as Talons while investigating Batman’s inexplicable disappearance.

The game will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC and is releasing on October 25, 2022.


An upcoming action role-playing game, Starfield, has been announced by Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks. In its announcement, Bethesda described the game as a “completely new, next-generation experience into a brand new space-themed universe.” It will be the company’s first intellectual property in more than 25 years.

The game will be available on Xbox Series X, and PC, and is releasing on November 11, 2022.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2.0: Heart of Chernobyl

GSC Game World, a Ukrainian game company, has announced a new first-person shooter survival horror video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2.0:  Heart of Chernobyl. In this sequel to the critically acclaimed first game, you’ll be exploring the huge Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The Zone is far more difficult to live in than it was previously, especially following the second nuclear reactor catastrophe. There are dangerous mutants, lethal oddities, and feuding groups to deal with.

The game will be available on Xbox Series X, and PC, on December 8, 2022.

Hogwarts Legacy

Now, this is something for Harry Potter fans. Although it isn’t a direct adaptation of the Harry Potter books, Hogwarts Legacy drew inspiration directly from them. There will, no doubt be plenty of wizardry mischiefs as you will be playing as a student attending Hogwarts during the 1800s, hundreds of years before Harry and co were born. There is plenty to explore in this open-world RPG.

The game will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S and is releasing on Holiday 2022.

So, let’s the game begin

Now that you have the idea, the dates, the platform, and everything listed. You’re ready to have a blast with your family and friends and Tyroo will keep you updated with everything that’s happening in the gaming world.



Snapchat is a camera company that is redesigning the camera to its best to enhance people’s lives and communication. Snapchat allows advertisers to interact with their audience in real-time while they are out and about. With 319 million active users Snapchat for business is an effective way for your brand to reach new audiences. Now is the time to take your business with Snapchat to the next level and we at Tyroo are providing you with a guide on how to do marketing on Snapchat.


SnapAds are ideal for businesses of all sizes and objectives because they help you reach your target audience and meet your advertising goals.

  1. E-commerce Industry: Brands/ Companies can promote their online business and drive website traffic and sales. With Snapchat, you can reach a mobile audience as 68% of e-commerce sales come from mobile devices. With Snap Pixel businesses can track conversions, optimize their campaigns, and build retargeting audiences to make the most of their budget. With the new era of AR, businesses with products that have AR experiences have a  94% higher purchase conversion rate, as individuals can better assess them and feel connected with brands
  1. App and Game developers: Promote your mobile app or game on Snapchat for engagement and installation. The self-advertising platform is designed to help app and game developers drive results. SKAdNetwork setup and campaign management in Snapchat’s Ads Manager are used for privacy-focused app advertising. Using app install advertising to link Snapchat users to your app’s download page in the app store can increase App Installs and Awareness. Re-engagement advertising may be used to entice existing users to return to your app.
  1. Local businesses: Local businesses can promote their business to nearby Snapchatters. To develop local business, claiming your business on the Snap Map and/or running Snapchat Ads can increase sales, orders, and reservations. Encouraging Snapchat users in the area to come to your business ie. a store or restaurant can increase foot traffic and introduce prospective consumers to your local business and providing contact information can make the local audience more aware of your brand.


It’s easy to get started with Snapchat. Simply follow these steps to create your Snapchat business account and you’re good to go!

  1. Create a personal account: You’ll need a personal Snapchat account to begin advertising on Snapchat. Set up the account and create a profile.
  1. Open a business account: By entering into Ads Manager, Snapchat’s self-serve advertising platform where you can design and buy ads on Snapchat, you may create a business account using your personal account username and password.
  1. Start your first marketing campaign: After you’ve set up your business account, you’ll be encouraged to create your first Snapchat ad in Ads Manager.


AR lenses: Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) glasses alter how users view the world. Given that 75% of Snapchat users use augmented reality daily, building a sponsored lens that reflects your business may be a powerful method to utilize Snapchat for marketing.

Geofilter: Geofilters are a basic Snap overlay. They’re only available to users in a certain location and for a limited period. A filter might modify the color of a Snap or add an emoji or a created sticker, as well as contain geographical information.

Snapchat cameos: This function incorporates the account user’s face into a variety of animations and images.

Snaps in 3D: This feature gives your Snap that extra depth, bringing it to life. It might be a valuable tool for businesses showcasing new items or allowing them to exhibit more aspects of a product than a typical photo allows.


There are different methods and best practices one can use with their Snapchat campaigns to increase engagement, sales, and followers, in addition to building a marketing plan that works best for your company and your target demographic.

Set a deadline: When it comes to motivating people to take any kind of action on your ads, creating a feeling of urgency is a terrific strategy. To obtain better results and engagement, create posts that take advantage of this natural urgency to drive people to take action– announce flash specials, special discounts, or exclusive content.

Private messages can be used to test content: Because Snapchat is so different from other platforms, it’s a good idea to test your content in private messaging to see how it will perform.

Make your material appropriate for the platform: Snapchat has pushed transparency to new heights. It has a more informal, playful, and transitory vibe to it than other networks (which is probably part of the reason it appeals to Millennials so much). One need not be concerned about photos that aren’t flawlessly photo-shopped; instead, businesses should show off their fun side and individuality. 

Usage of both videos and photos: In this scenario, having as many alternatives as possible is preferable. Users may be kept interested and engaged by sharing a combination of photographs and videos; images are simple to alter and see, and videos are dynamic and feel alive.

Knitting a story: If there are many snaps that a user may watch, they will automatically play one after the other. This may also be done using stories. Stories may increase engagement and attention while also allowing you to get around the time constraints of both photos and videos. This may also keep users interested and involved in the progression of your story, as they wait to see what happens next.

Now that you’ve learned, 

The advantages for Snapchat for businesses, how to set up a Snapchat Business Account, the features your company can use on Snapchat, and the best practices for marketing on Snapchat, it’s time to put this platform to work for you.



The digital advertising platform chosen by a new firm in quest of brand recognition has a major influence on its growth and success. The overall concept is to place advertising where your target audience hangs out and your campaign’s objectives are accomplished, resulting in a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). However, in this digital era, selecting the perfect advertising platform is easier said than done. There are a plethora of possibilities, digital marketing best practices are always evolving, and the internet/social circles are brimming with advice. We at Tyroo, are listing the right advertising mix for your brand.


Demographics: The goal of any marketing campaign is to spread its message through a specific group of people. With this in mind, it’s obvious for a company to put its audience’s needs/characteristics and stage in the sales funnel first by picking a platform that caters to them.

Product/Company Type: A marketing campaign’s direction and the platform that best serves the purpose are determined by the business model and items sold. From one platform to the next, different items behave differently.

Marketing resources: When a product or service has to be advertised, allocation of resources is a must and following factors such as how much time, energy, and marketing budget is available and how much is required in each advertising platform. 

Purchase Intent: When a user joins an online platform, he or she does so with a certain aim in mind. 

Here are some examples of how to determine the right advertising mix

Snapchat: Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that connects people to their friends and the world. With Snapchat Ads, advertisers can reach a global audience and drive meaningful results. The Primary demographic of people using Snapchat are Gen z and millennials with 319 million active users making it a wonderful marketing and app awareness platform. It is now used by around 70% of millennials, making it an excellent tool for reaching the targeted demographic.  Brands across industries including fashion brands, food & beverage, retail, social network, online dating, etc have leveraged Snapchat advertising. With AR Snapchat has been driving purchase intent for brands and according to the product/company, type customization can be done.

Outbrain: Outbrain is a native advertising ad platform that helps in audience acquisition, engagement, and retention within walled gardens. Through engaging ad formats that inspire action, it enables emerging brands to connect with consumers on the open web. It helps in targeting audiences who are looking for content similar to yours which is an advantage of native advertising. Regular advertising strategies are frequently cropped or deleted from mobile devices to create a better experience for mobile consumers, however, regular content will remain on your target audience’s radar regardless of device.

Now you know

Advertising mix plays an important role in determining the success of the Product/Service. Snapchat and Outbrain are such advertising mixes that are going to solve most of your problems related to awareness and intent of buying your product. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this mix of advertising and scale your business.



Technology has evolved at a breakneck pace. We’re witnessing breakthroughs that were previously unthinkable. The metaverse, a unique, immersive virtual environment that is swiftly taking over the internet, is one of these advancements for many people. Metaverses are permeating the internet as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) become more popular. We, at Tyroo, are trying to explain to all the marketers what it means to advertise in the metaverse.

What is advertising in Metaverse?

The metaverse may be characterized as a permanent, 3D, and virtual area where consumers can spend their time and be targeted with brand-related content and sales enablement strategies in the context of advertising and marketing. There are two perspectives to the advertising in metaverse opportunity.

  • It’s a new channel for marketing mix for advertisers which has its own distinct ad types, which has full potential for marketing allowing marketers to measure visitors and invest wisely.
  • The metaverse may be thought of as a new storytelling medium. You may have immersive ad experiences that communicate the brand narrative in addition to typical advertising that appears on traditional sites.

If metaverse is seen from a practical standpoint it incorporates the following elements:-

  • Social networking
  • Online gaming
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality and
  • Cryptocurrencies

Users will be able to engage — and spend — in a virtual environment as a result of this. It’s simply a mix of real-world aspects that have been augmented by digital capabilities. It also offers a plethora of opportunities to push the boundaries of creative advertising for marketers.

How can you advertise in Metaverse?

Brands can advertise in the metaverse in the following ways:-

AR Technology: If you haven’t tried augmented reality yet, now is the time to do so. Businesses can utilize augmented reality as a stepping stone for developing metaverse content. AR has been used in retail to show customers how things fit into their lives, but it can also be used to teach people skills or provide important information as per your business identity.

NFT: Brands are experimenting with digital products in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be acquired on crypto exchanges or in the metaverse. This personalization and creation of NFT can result in brand awareness or promotion of a product.

Gamify your brand: Games are a major part of Metaverse. Even if you’re not a coder, NFTs make it easier to make games than ever before. Although you may not be able to produce anything on the magnitude of big brands, you can engage customers by creating your own game.

Virtual real estate: One may ponder what are the benefits of virtual land ownership? It can be used to sell items or host events. It’s also an investment in the sense that, like tangible real estate, you might be able to resell or rent it out.

The new generation of influencers: Digital people, which are essentially AI-powered humanoid bots in 3D, might be an exciting new technology in the metaverse. In the future, corporations may create their own influencers from the ground up, revolutionizing the way advertising is distributed through influencer marketing.

Case studies/Testimonials

Many Brands have utilized Metaverse in their marketing strategies which are:-

  • The Collector’s Room is available in the Gucci Garden Roblox experience. In the metaverse, it allows users to gather limited-edition Gucci products. Gucci made a total of 286,000,000 Roblux from the game’s initial sales of collector products.
  • The AB InBev’s beer brand Stella Artois worked with Zed Run in June to create a Tamagotchi-like experience crossed with the Kentucky Derby. They did this because AB InBev’s Stella Artois is big on sponsoring sporting events, in particular horse races. Hence, creating an online platform where non-fungible token (NFT) horses are traded, raced, and bred seems like a natural entry point for them.
  • Bidstack, a video game ad-tech company, has switched from real-world outdoor advertising to virtual billboard advertising.
  • Grand Theft Auto V, an open-world sandbox game, released clothing options that were similar to what the protesters in Hong Kong wore.
  • Home decor company Houzz allows consumers to create digital photo collections of their furniture and home items. Houzz earns each time someone purchases items through their service. 


So, with this, you know 

What it takes to advertise in the metaverse and how some big major brands have incorporated meta into their marketing strategy. Digital marketers must keep up with the most recent technology advancements and understand the metaverse and its full potential to dive into this new era of digital marketing.