Pulse Candy Case Study

Pulse candy case study

The Story

DS Group’s Pass Pass Pulse, India’s number 1 hard boiled candy for the last 6 years, wanted to launch a digital awareness campaign to reach its cohort of young audiences and interact with them in a fun and immersive way. In order to do so they partnered with Snapchat and adopted the use of its most popular ad technology – AR lens. To make the campaign more relatable they launched a stimulating digital campaign, ‘Pulse Candy Hunt’ on the Candy Day, 4th November.

The Solution

Pass Pass Pulse collaborated with Snapchat and Tyroo to conceptualize the AR campaign that let Snapchatters go through a gamified experience of hunting treasures in the form of different Pulse candy flavors. The hero message for the campaign was “Candy Day, the Pulse Way,” 

By switching on their rear camera on the lens, the users had to spot the candies in their real time environment and tap as many candies as possible within an automated timer set for 20 seconds. The score could be seen by switching on the front camera. As an add-on to keep the interaction going, the user is prompted to open their mouth and a Pulse candy drops into their mouth with a triggering Pop sound and visual effect like widening of eyes and arching of the eyebrows. 

The campaign was targeted to leverage the advanced AR experience on Snapchat and interact with its audience who are very active with the camera and lens, sharing snaps on the go as a way to interact in the Snapchat community. The campaign and lens was further amplified on other Social Media platforms beyond Snapchat, as Pass Pass Pulse received great responses from audiences all around due to the concept and technology used to enable users to resonate with the candy & its flavors in an immersive experience. 

The Results

After successfully launching the campaign on Snapchat, it saw almost equal reach of its male & female audiences with 48.6% impressions served to the female audience and 51.4% impressions served to the male audience. 71% of the total shares were made by the 13-20 Yrs age group indicating the most active user group to interact with the lens. ‘Shoppers’, ‘Film & TV Fans’ and ‘Foodies’ are the top three lifestyle categories with 99%, 97% and 95% Shares respectively. 

A high camera playtime of 7.3 seconds is observed against the industry standard of 4 sec – 5 sec, indicating good user engagement with the lens property due to the creative concept and technology used.

 “We are thankful to our consumers for making Pulse a  leader in hard-boiled candy segment for last 5 years and therefore, Candy Day is very special to us. We celebrate it with Pulse lovers by playing innovative fun games in a digital world full of Pulse candy, amusement, and rewards. The AR reality with vibrant graphics, sounds, and personal surroundings leads to stimulated consumer interaction. This is a unique integrated digital campaign on the popular social media platforms that resonate with our TG.

Arvind Kumar, GM – Marketing, Dharampal Satyapal Foods Ltd.