Libas Case Study

The Story

Libas is an ultra fast fashion brand that tells the story of the contemporary Indian woman – one who is liberated, self-reliant, and socially conscious. The brand’s constant endeavor is to provide fashionable, stylish, upbeat collections of ethnic and fusion wear carefully curated in line with fashion trends worldwide. With this brand philosophy at its core, they aimed to captivate audiences, raise awareness, and generate buzz about their versatile ethnic collection.

The Solution

While emphasizing the importance of building brand awareness, the brand’s objective also encompassed driving a substantial volume of product purchases. To achieve these dual goals effectively the brand partnered with Tyroo and Snapchat to run campaigns on Snap’s ad formats through their ad sets that could help them reach the right audience.

The campaign setup on Snapchat was kept relatively simple, incorporating a diverse range of ad formats, encompassing both video and static ads. Notably, among all the ad formats, Story Ads emerged as the standout performer, delivering impressive results for the brand.

The brand took a purposeful approach to crafting creative content that was not only engaging but also captivating. They harnessed the influence of videos featuring influencers to effectively promote their products, fostering a strong connection with Snapchat’s user community. Beyond this, the brand maintained an unwavering commitment to keeping their audience engaged by introducing, promotions, and fresh creative content.

Furthermore, the brand’s engineering team collaborated closely with Tyroo to resolve data discrepancies and enhance data tracking, enabling the implementation of the conversion API by the payment gateway. This collaborative effort resulted in an impressive increase in the purchase score, soaring from 4 to 8.5.


The Results

Following a successful campaign launch on Snapchat, the brand experienced significant engagement and reached a substantial female audience.

The brand’s efforts on Snapchat yielded remarkable results, with the campaign achieving an outstanding 11.5 X ROAS.

“At Libas we always try to come up with innovative marketing campaigns and test new platforms where our competitor brands don’t have a presence. With invaluable support from Tyroo, our foray into the Snapchat audience has resulted in a remarkable expansion of our reach, surpassing our initial expectations. Hoping to see a continuous growth on snapchat as we grow in our business.”

Abhishek Gupta, Senior Marketing Executive, Libas