ChupaChups case study

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ChupaChups | Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups Fun Lens prevailed with 1.77% share rate

The Story

Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups is a renowned confectionery brand with a strong presence in over 150 countries around the world. Popular for the Lollipops with over 100 flavors, the brand has always believed in sharing happiness with children of all ages. Taking this thought forward, the brand wanted to reach more users and increase user engagement on the Snapchat platform.

The Solution

We launched an engaging Lens on Snapchat along with Multiple Snap Ads.

Staying true to the spirit of creating global influential fun brands, Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups with Snapchat created a Fun Lens for their teenage audience to celebrate Friendship Day across India. The audience was able to use a Snap code to unlock this Fun Lens and catch over 20 Chupa Chups in 15 seconds. The Lens was found to be quite engaging among the users and they also shared it with their close friends.

The Snapchat Fun Lens setup along with multiple ads were active for over 15 days.

The Results

The brand saw a 1.71% share rate and a 1.91% save rate, which translated to approximately 50,000+ shares and 54,000+ saves¹.

“Perfetti values innovation, we have done it time and time again in our products, but we wanted to translate innovation through engagements to our young audience. Snapchat and Tyroo helped us create a unique experience which allowed us to reach out to a large audience set. We saw high engagements and a new way to promote our products.”
– Paritosh Gupta, Associate Director Marketing and Digital Lead, Perfetti Van Melle