Libas Case Study

The Story

Libas is an ultra fast fashion brand that tells the story of the contemporary Indian woman – one who is liberated, self-reliant, and socially conscious. The brand’s constant endeavor is to provide fashionable, stylish, upbeat collections of ethnic and fusion wear carefully curated in line with fashion trends worldwide. With this brand philosophy at its core, they aimed to captivate audiences, raise awareness, and generate buzz about their versatile ethnic collection.

The Solution

While emphasizing the importance of building brand awareness, the brand’s objective also encompassed driving a substantial volume of product purchases. To achieve these dual goals effectively the brand partnered with Tyroo and Snapchat to run campaigns on Snap’s ad formats through their ad sets that could help them reach the right audience.

The campaign setup on Snapchat was kept relatively simple, incorporating a diverse range of ad formats, encompassing both video and static ads. Notably, among all the ad formats, Story Ads emerged as the standout performer, delivering impressive results for the brand.

The brand took a purposeful approach to crafting creative content that was not only engaging but also captivating. They harnessed the influence of videos featuring influencers to effectively promote their products, fostering a strong connection with Snapchat’s user community. Beyond this, the brand maintained an unwavering commitment to keeping their audience engaged by introducing, promotions, and fresh creative content.

Furthermore, the brand’s engineering team collaborated closely with Tyroo to resolve data discrepancies and enhance data tracking, enabling the implementation of the conversion API by the payment gateway. This collaborative effort resulted in an impressive increase in the purchase score, soaring from 4 to 8.5.


The Results

Following a successful campaign launch on Snapchat, the brand experienced significant engagement and reached a substantial female audience.

The brand’s efforts on Snapchat yielded remarkable results, with the campaign achieving an outstanding 11.5 X ROAS.

“At Libas we always try to come up with innovative marketing campaigns and test new platforms where our competitor brands don’t have a presence. With invaluable support from Tyroo, our foray into the Snapchat audience has resulted in a remarkable expansion of our reach, surpassing our initial expectations. Hoping to see a continuous growth on snapchat as we grow in our business.”

Abhishek Gupta, Senior Marketing Executive, Libas

Pulse Candy Case Study

The Story

DS Group’s Pass Pass Pulse, India’s number 1 hard boiled candy for the last 6 years, wanted to launch a digital awareness campaign to reach its cohort of young audiences and interact with them in a fun and immersive way. In order to do so they partnered with Snapchat and adopted the use of its most popular ad technology – AR lens. To make the campaign more relatable they launched a stimulating digital campaign, ‘Pulse Candy Hunt’ on the Candy Day, 4th November.

The Solution

Pass Pass Pulse collaborated with Snapchat and Tyroo to conceptualize the AR campaign that let Snapchatters go through a gamified experience of hunting treasures in the form of different Pulse candy flavors. The hero message for the campaign was “Candy Day, the Pulse Way,” 

By switching on their rear camera on the lens, the users had to spot the candies in their real time environment and tap as many candies as possible within an automated timer set for 20 seconds. The score could be seen by switching on the front camera. As an add-on to keep the interaction going, the user is prompted to open their mouth and a Pulse candy drops into their mouth with a triggering Pop sound and visual effect like widening of eyes and arching of the eyebrows. 

The campaign was targeted to leverage the advanced AR experience on Snapchat and interact with its audience who are very active with the camera and lens, sharing snaps on the go as a way to interact in the Snapchat community. The campaign and lens was further amplified on other Social Media platforms beyond Snapchat, as Pass Pass Pulse received great responses from audiences all around due to the concept and technology used to enable users to resonate with the candy & its flavors in an immersive experience. 

The Results

After successfully launching the campaign on Snapchat, it saw almost equal reach of its male & female audiences with 48.6% impressions served to the female audience and 51.4% impressions served to the male audience. 71% of the total shares were made by the 13-20 Yrs age group indicating the most active user group to interact with the lens. ‘Shoppers’, ‘Film & TV Fans’ and ‘Foodies’ are the top three lifestyle categories with 99%, 97% and 95% Shares respectively. 

A high camera playtime of 7.3 seconds is observed against the industry standard of 4 sec – 5 sec, indicating good user engagement with the lens property due to the creative concept and technology used.

 “We are thankful to our consumers for making Pulse a  leader in hard-boiled candy segment for last 5 years and therefore, Candy Day is very special to us. We celebrate it with Pulse lovers by playing innovative fun games in a digital world full of Pulse candy, amusement, and rewards. The AR reality with vibrant graphics, sounds, and personal surroundings leads to stimulated consumer interaction. This is a unique integrated digital campaign on the popular social media platforms that resonate with our TG.

Arvind Kumar, GM – Marketing, Dharampal Satyapal Foods Ltd.

Bonkers Corner Case Study

The Story

Bonkers Corner is a home-grown online brand that serves as an exclusive source of street wear fashion solely made in India. Their signature aesthetic stems from the dire need to stand out from the rest. Crazy balanced by comfort & chic. With this brand statement in mind they wanted to reach their target audience who will be interested in the brand. The key objective was to get maximum purchases with the least Cost per Purchase.

The Solution

In order to reach a young audience, the brand partnered with Tyroo and Snapchat to run campaigns on Snap’s ad formats through their ad sets that could help them reach the right audience. Creatively the ads were inspired from Anime characters focussed on their special Anime collection and style that was chic. They also used influencer videos to promote their product in order to bind well with Snapchatter’s. Their campaign goals are set to swiping up, add to cart & even purchase.

The brand leveraged two types of Ad formats:

  • Snap Ads – These are full screen ads that make an instant impact.
  • Collection ads – These ads showcase a series of products featuring four tappable tiles to showcase multiple products, giving Snapchatter’s a frictionless way to browse and buy.

The Results

The brand has been achieving great results on Snapchat and has been running ad campaigns for more than a year now. Overall campaign achieved 32X  RoAS. Campaigns with Add to cart goals got 26X RoAS while Campaigns with Purchase goal contributed 36X RoAS.

“Through our extensive testing on Snapchat, we successfully leveraged the platform’s full funnel approach, effectively reaching Gen Z and Millennials with tailored communication. This strategic implementation resulted in a positive return on advertising spend (ROAS). The platform’s widespread popularity among Gen Z and Millennials enabled us to establish authentic connections, significantly enhancing brand awareness and ultimately driving sales for Bonkers Corner”

– Prabhu Shetty, Head of Digital, Bonkers Corner

Snickers Case Study

The Story
Snickers, the decadent caramel and peanut filled chocolate bar, has a taste that speaks for itself.  Looking for a fresh, innovative way to reach larger audiences while continuing to grow even more awareness for the popular bar, Snickers partnered with Snapchat to develop a full funnel campaign.
The Solution
Snickers wanted a fun, engaging way to not only connect with their chocolate-craving consumers, but to also bring them joy while doing so. The brand leveraged Lenses and AR capabilities to share Snickers with consumers who displayed their ‘Hungry Face’, referencing their ‘Hungry Face’ television commercial messaging. Utilizing non-skippable Commercial videos aided Snickers in driving consumers to interact with the Lens on Snapchat. By framing their popular tagline “Hungry? Grab a Snickers?” as a question, it allowed for the video to play for a longer duration, increasing engagement. To reach a large audience, Snickers utilized interest-based targeting with Snap Ads to drive awareness and deliver the brand messages across various demographics.
The Results
Despite already having existing popularity, the Snickers campaign made a splash on Snapchat, lifting Ad awareness (Lens) +11 points. With respect to age demographics, there was a positive lift of +12 points in Ad awareness among 18 to 20 year olds1.
Ad awareness across all three Ad properties saw a high lift, with the Lens as the highest performing Ad product, generating a lift of +11 points, 5.9 million in unique reach2, and a 10.46 seconds of average playtime3. Snap Ads and Commercials achieved a +8 points and +6 points lift respectively4.
Overall, thanks to their multi-ad format approach, Snickers saw significantly more impactful results than campaigns with a single ad format. The brand received an uplift of +15 points on ad awareness and +6 points on message awareness4. Now that’s what we call tasteful results!
“At Snickers we are constantly looking for new ways to reach audiences and expand geographies. We partnered with Snapchat to successfully reach Gen Z’s through innovative and immersive experiences that Snapchat creates through Lens and other ad formats. We have been doing regular campaigns with Snapchat, and this has helped us to build a positive and unique brand reach with high engagement.”
– Kapil Parab, Senior Brand Manager, Snickers

YiPPee case study

ITC’s YiPPee Noodles saw a 95% increase in brand association on Snapchat

The Story

The instant noodle category is extremely competitive and primarily caters to people in the 13-16 age range. ITC has found that this audience segment needs more options to choose from-continuous change, easy to make, and variety in their snacks. Equipped with these key drivers, ITC’s instant noodles brand, YiPPee! Noodles introduced packaging which includes two flavour sachets per pack, making them the perfect ‘mood’ pack and thereby creating a noodle flavour choice for all of your moods.

The brand wanted to spread the message to its target audience and turned to Snapchat as the medium of choice to promote the product.

The Solution

Considering the age of the target groups and the nature of the product, ITC determined that an interactive and engaging campaign would be the best way to spread the message. They decided to create a full scope marketing campaign on Snapchat by covering Story ads, Snap ads and a Biddable Lens.

The Biddable Lens created a memorable fun experience for the young Snapchatters while the ad placements helped improve reach and redirect traffic to a unique set of recipes curated by the brand to highlight unique product features like multiple flavours and non-lump texture.

The Results

At the end of the campaign, the ad awareness and brand association lift exceeded benchmarks as noted in the brand lift study.

The brand set an example for other brands in this category, in terms of best practices to improve brand awareness and association.

“The Snap and Story Ads, have been a great addition to our media mix, especially for our brands that target a younger demographic. We have received best in class engagement rates and a substantial lift in the brand metrics on the platform for our campaign. In an era of attention poor consumer behavior, the Snap Lens is one of the best engagement devices, that enables deep engagement with brand assets (be it the pack, mnemonic or a jingle) and hence presents a great opportunity to drive mental availability for brands.”
– Anushree Ghosh, Head of Digital, ITC Foods

ChupaChups case study

ChupaChups | Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups Fun Lens prevailed with 1.77% share rate

The Story

Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups is a renowned confectionery brand with a strong presence in over 150 countries around the world. Popular for the Lollipops with over 100 flavors, the brand has always believed in sharing happiness with children of all ages. Taking this thought forward, the brand wanted to reach more users and increase user engagement on the Snapchat platform.

The Solution

We launched an engaging Lens on Snapchat along with Multiple Snap Ads.

Staying true to the spirit of creating global influential fun brands, Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups with Snapchat created a Fun Lens for their teenage audience to celebrate Friendship Day across India. The audience was able to use a Snap code to unlock this Fun Lens and catch over 20 Chupa Chups in 15 seconds. The Lens was found to be quite engaging among the users and they also shared it with their close friends.

The Snapchat Fun Lens setup along with multiple ads were active for over 15 days.

The Results

The brand saw a 1.71% share rate and a 1.91% save rate, which translated to approximately 50,000+ shares and 54,000+ saves¹.

“Perfetti values innovation, we have done it time and time again in our products, but we wanted to translate innovation through engagements to our young audience. Snapchat and Tyroo helped us create a unique experience which allowed us to reach out to a large audience set. We saw high engagements and a new way to promote our products.”
– Paritosh Gupta, Associate Director Marketing and Digital Lead, Perfetti Van Melle

Swiggy case study

Swiggy’s growth scaled with 11K+ new orders each month

The Story

Swiggy is India’s largest and most valuable online food ordering and delivery platform. Founded in 2014, the brand is based out of Bengaluru, India and as of December 2019, is operating out of 500+ Indian cities. The innovative technology, large and nimble delivery service, and exceptional consumer focus at the brand enabled a host of benefits that includes lightning-fast deliveries, live order tracking and no restrictions on the order amount, all while having the pleasure of enjoying your favourite meal wherever you’d like it.

The Solution

The goal of the campaign was to help deliver as many new food orders each month using the app while also maintaining the lowest cost per customer acquisition. Their KPI to measure the success of this campaign was to achieve as many first orders each month at the lowest cost per acquired user. The brand tested and invested in advertising on Snapchat based on performance of a publisher through various parameters such as average order value, frequency of order, coupon redemption and type of restaurant chosen for delivery, all indicators of where the brand should continue to invest.

The brand leveraged multiple Snap ad products and found great success with Snap Ads. They used Snap Ads to run app-install campaigns and experienced great success, not only in terms of number of installs, but also in terms of the quality of users.

They used a combination of lookalike and predefined audience targeting to effectively reach Snapchatters who were more likely to engage.

The duration of the campaign was from June 2019 to Dec 2019.

The Results

The brand used Snapchat’s Ad platform for over a year and went live with ‘always on’ programmatic performance campaigns using ‘Story and Snap Ad placements’ to deliver positive results.

The brand witnessed an 18% growth in first orders during June to December 2019 and approximately a 49% increase in first orders when compared to June to December 2018¹. The brand continued to grow with Snapchat and their growth scaled month over month, delivering a minimum of 11k+ new orders each month¹.

“At Swiggy, we are always on the lookout to test new platforms to expand our customer base. By partnering with Snapchat, we were successfully able to reach incremental Gen Z’s in densely populated urban areas resulting in a higher number of new users from this super relevant user segment. Snapchat Story and Snap ads proved to be an effective and efficient platform allowing us to boost our performance campaigns and showcase our creative prowess.”
– Sudeep Bansal, AVP Marketing, Swiggy